President’s Message

We are pleased to announce the theme of our meeting in San Diego May 18-20, 2017: "Networks and Complexity in Biology, Brain and Behavior." We are in a tremendously exciting time in Biological Psychiatry. The plenary themes will focus on the new tools available to study the brain and behavior that are unparalleled in history, and yet these remarkable developments- from optogenetic approaches in neural circuits to complex genomics to digital phenotyping - bring great challenges. How do we address the enormous amount of data, the complexity and need for integrated approaches, and the need for paradigm shifts in our thinking and methodology? Fortunately, from other areas of biology, science, and social technology, new approaches to complex analysis may bring remarkable insights to our field.

The 2017 meeting theme promises to bring an unparalleled line-up of terrific plenary speakers and symposia, addressing fascinating new approaches to complexity in neural function and activity, from mice to human, and towards understanding language to social networks. While doing a deep dive into cutting-edge neuroscientific approaches, we will seek insights from Cancer Genomics and Multimodal Networks. Together, these efforts aim to generate exciting discussions and approaches to next generation discovery.

We believe the meeting themes are particularly relevant today for SOBP. Our work continues to progress into the network complexities of the brain in order to make progress toward improving the lives of our patients. By reaching out across disciplines we hope to inspire new models and thinking to resolve the complex problems of what has gone awry in bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, OCD, and PTSD and how do we prevent or repair it.

We look forward to seeing each of you in San Diego.

Best Wishes,

Kerry Ressler, MD, PhD - President
Paul Holtzheimer, MD - Chair, Scientific Program Committee