Society of Biological Psychiatry
70th Annual Scientific Convention & Meeting

May 14-16, 2015

Fairmont Royal York Hotel

Toronto, Ontario - Canada

Society of Biological Psychiatry A. E. Bennett Research Award
The Society of Biological Psychiatry offers an annual award of $5,000 each in basic science and in clinical/translational science for the purpose of stimulating international research in biological psychiatry by young investigators.
  1. Candidates shall either (a) have not passed their 45th birthday by January 1 for the year of the award, or (b) have not been engaged in research for greater than 10 years following award of their terminal degree or the end of formal clinical/fellowship training, whichever is later.
  2. The Department Chairman may submit the name or names of their best young faculty members as candidates for the basic science or clinical/translational research awards.
  3. Candidates need not be current members of the Society of Biological Psychiatry.
  4. The prize will be awarded based on a body of work rather than a single paper.
  5. More than one author may be listed on the papers, but the candidate shall be the first author. As such, he/she is representing that the idea for and the execution of the study is clearly and substantially attributable to the first author. Simple administrative or economic support without scientific contribution does not merit authorship.
  6. Although the research is not to be judged in comparison with the work of the more senior investigators, special consideration will be given to the originality of the approach and independence of thought evident in the submission.
  7. The Society reserves the right to not provide these awards in either category (basic or clinical/translational research) each year.


  1. The application package must include the following:
    1. Letter of  nomination from the Department Chair
    2. Two additional letters of support (one must be from a member of the Society)
    3. 1-page description of candidate’s research
    4. 4-page NIH bio sketch of candidate
    5. Two to three (2-3) published or submitted papers (candidate does not need to be 1st author)
  2. Recipients will be limited to one award during their training.
  3. The award will be presented by the President of the Society at the 70th Annual Meeting in Toronto Ontario, Canada on May 15, 2015.
  4.  All applications must be submitted on-line.
  5. Nominations submitted on-line on or before October 1, 2014 will be accepted.
2004 Paul J. Harrison, PhD - Oxford University
2005 Stephan Heckers, MD - McLean Hospital
2006 Shitij Kapur, MD, PhD - Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
2007 Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, MD, PhD - National Institute of Mental Health
2008 Alexander Neumeister, MD - Yale University
Ramin V. Parsey, MD, PhD - Columbia University
2009 Serena Dudek, PhD - National Institutes of Health/NIEHS
Gina Kuperberg, MD, PhD - Turfs University
2010 Francis Lee, MD, PhD - Weill Cornell University
David Glahn, PhD - Yale University
2011 Jeffrey H. Meyer, MD, PhD - University of Toronto
Joshua A. Gordon, MD, PhD - Columbia University
2013 Catherine J. Harmer, DPhil - University of Oxford
Timothy Bredy, PhD - The University of Queensland
2014 Eric Morrow, MD, PhD - Brown University
Andrew Holmes, PhD - NIH/NIAAA
Society of Biological Psychiatry

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